Railway Bridges in Pakistan

Kotri Bridge

The Kotri bridge is situated between Kotri and Hyderabad on Indus river in Sindh, Pakistan. It was opened to traffic on 25th May 1900 and was reconstructed in 1931. It has single railway track on it and was the main obstacle for smooth rail traffic as on both ends there was double track. In mid seventies an other bridge was constructed side by side to old bridge to remove this hurdle. The new bridge is known as "Mehran Railway Bridge".

Empress Bridge
The Empress Bridge is situated between Bahawalpur and Adam Wahan on Sutlej river. The bridge was inaugurated on 7 June 1878 by Sir Andrew Clark, the Public Works Minister. It is also known as the "Adam Wahan Bridge". This bridge was built by engineer, William St.John Galwey.  It is the only rail bridge to span the Sutlej River.

Ravi Railway Bridge
Ravi Railway Bridge is situated between Sadiq Pura, Lahore and Shahdara Bagh on Ravi river. The construction work on this bridge was started in 1871 and completed in 1876. It is composed of iron trusses over many concrete piers.

Alexandra Railway Bridge  
Alexandra Railway Bridge is situated between Wazirabad and Gujraat on Chenab river in Pakistan. This bridge was inaugurated by Edward VII the King-Emperor when he was Prince of Wales in 1876.

Attock bridge
It is situated between Attock Khurd and Khairabad Kund on Indus river. It was opened to traffic on 24th May 1883. It was orginally designed by Sir Guildford Molesworth. The cost of construction was more than Rs 3.2 millions. The bridge was reconstructed in 1929, at the cost of Rs 2.5 millions.

Kala Bagh Bridge
The Kalabagh Bridge is situated between Mari Indus and Kala Bagh on Indus river. It is originally designed for broad gauge line but narrow gauge line was laid. The special feature of this bridge is placing of spans on the wells depth of these wells varies from 26 to 68 feet. Due to closure of Mari Indus-Bannu narrow gauge railway this bridge is now used for road traffic.

Khushhal Garh Bridge
This bridge is situated between Jand and Kohat on Indus river. It was was first constructed in 1901 for narrow gauge railway line. In 1907 it was redesigned for broad gauage line. It was constructed by Mr Robertson. It is the shortest bridge over Indus river.